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Baloons and Blimps available now at the Emporium..

Seeking Associates

Seeking Associates

Crazy Orphelia’s Arts Emporium
seeking associate artists to show and sell.

Gallery storefront and full access to Antiek Centrum 2-3 full days a week+ present in showroom. Showcase associate artist in preferably textile, soft sculpture, art dolls, although anything that is suitable and I feel saleable..all mediums will be considered. Must fit well with existing 2 associates, associate must be upbeat and flexible about the evolution of this amazing space. Come and speak with me in the shop during open showroom hours (last 2 retail hours of the day 5 Days a week) as I am a ukulele teacher as well and there is an existing ukulele school schedule that is listed online. 0207531218

Rent 300e per month.. This is prime retail and gallery space in the Jordaan and it is shared with the Ukulele Boutique.

Happy Earthday! Introducing International Artist Trading Card Gatherings

Happy Earthday! Introducing International Artist Trading Card Gatherings



Welcome to a new international place for artists of all or mixed mediums to meet, trade, show and sell on consignment in person or via internet. The only rules is the size. 2 1/2″ X 3 1/2 “.

All ATCO’s are €15 with shipping, Framed in a C0xxx design matt & frame is €35 with shipping.

Any single cards will be accepted by snail mail for Crazy Orphelia’s international ATC club membership. Interested artists wishing to sell and show may do so by sending me message and we can trade up to 3 cards with the option to sell in the Emporiums affordable “Miniature Art Gallery”  all ATCO’s cards sell for €15. The Emporium is located in a very trendy art galley neighbourhood called the Jordaan and itself is connected to a quaint Antiek and Arts market.  Crazy Orphelia hoping to meet and get many more local artists to participate and learn about the ATC movement.

Wednesday workshops and monthly gatherings to begin today! Earth Day 2015!

The Spring Theme.. The Earth!  I will whip up some cards today!




Using some new Uniball  Signo gel pens and some cool new card stock I just got..

Thinking of using one of the designs on a Uke!

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Yesterday’s Purple Crayon Adventures!

Yesterday’s Purple Crayon Adventures!

Had a relaxed day off yesterday and did an internet study on artform branded as ‘Zantangle’..

IT seems there is a name for everything including ‘Conscious Doodling’ LOL! that’s what I call it..

(But in B&W is called something called Zantangle)..



I actually find that a book I used years ago taught the foundations for this branded artform. just saying

Generally, I have always made a lot of black and white line drawings, but now with the computer I can take my simple line drawings to a new level and bring the Purple Crayon to life… In a past life I was central visual artist for a department chain in south florida so I am in love with printing and graphics.. I want to have these Purple Crayon designs for limited Ukulele  t-Shirts that we hand print, and seel in my Ukulele store in Amsterdam

I have (Silk -screens and means and the artwork is piling up.. but still need the cash to pay for the shirts, inks, hinges and burning the said screens..)

My goal is by the end of the summer having some made..PURPLEOWL1 B&WOWL1 PCGATTHEBEACHUKE1 A&WATTHEBEACHUKE1



Even just some small block printing ATCO’s