Website Under Construction

Website Under Construction


Update April 21, 2014

Starting to add photos and more content, spent the whole day.. hopefully i will not wait till I forget how to edit things before continuing  to build and learn to create a working site for the Emporium, and the antics of Crazy Orphelia..

To Do Today….

I have to put this on the new and active Crazy Orphelia’s Art Emporium website in order for Crazy Orphelia to get off her butt and on the web =)

Hoping to write page descriptions today since it has been a slow week and I will if I say I am here.. It seems this new WordPress site building is supposed to be very easy and with a little help and support from my friends, I think I can finally get the many projects I am planning, marketed properly on this wonderful web.. Also know that if I post here it goes to FB too.. and everywhere else… I am going to make an effort to learn how, albeit I am really inept in this area.. Honestly,  I wrote this post in October and today I am pressing the button.  The website is now a mission 😉

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