TUNE it or DIE!

TUNE it or DIE!

Calling all artists & musicians or any artists living or visiting Amsterdam.. I am looking to trade cards With the ‘TUNE it or DIE’  Theme to build my in store gallery and Emporium at the Uke Boutique..

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I started making this website last year and as the computer is not easy or fun for me, I do love all the things it can do for artists & musicians. So,  I am making time and a concentrated effort to make something cool, and creative with potential to meet and share with artists and musicians all over the world. So will try to update regularly..

So if any artists wanting to trade miniature art with Crazy Orphelia just message here or facebook and we can get started trading miniature(s) you wish to trade. Most of mine have been posted and are for sale or trade.

I have been watching the ATC Artist Trading Card movement for many years and just recently joined my first online trade.I have been an avid card player, game enthusiast since a child.. Especially interested since the 80’s when my own children began collecting and playing MTG.  Can’t wait to have an in person international trades here in Amsterdam..

Recently,  I have been experimenting with new arts products and sadly, many are not readily available in Europe so hoping to make new international friends and new avenues for trading supplies and resource tips to get things happening here in Europe for this fun artistic (ATC) Artist trading card movement.  I am hoping to expand and do some Arts Workshops Art Card / Painted Ukulele, and felting workshops in the near future.

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