Painted Ukuleles 4 Peace

Painted Ukuleles 4 Peace

New for 2018 Painted Ukuleles 4 Peace project to raise funds for ¨UkeStock¨  an International/ inter-generational Ukulele Orchestra 4 Peace.

Stay tuned…


For artists that want to participate on the Ukuleles for Peace project:

Hi everyone! I am still looking for participating artists to paint a “Ukulele 4 Peace”to have on show / sale at The Uke Boutique/ Crazy Orphelia’s Arts Emporium and the up coming UkeStock Event, and Open Ateliers Jordaan. I invite you all to come by the shop at Lijnbaansgracht 191 to pick up a ukulele and discuss the project further..

I have space for at least 12, and I have only 4 that I have done myself.. Come have a look at mine, and I can give you more details. I would very much like to have as many OAJ artists as possible for my UkeStock Event in 2018 where all oPainted Ukuleles 4 Peace will be on display.

Would be a great time to promote the OAJ event and to give inspiration to my” P4P” project. so I much look forward to participation.
Please excuse my lack of speaking and writing in Dutch.