Katchina Caricatures


I am sometimes asked where my inspiration for my art dolls come from? Well here it is, my Grandmother was a friend to the Hopi Native American tribe, and when she died they commemorated her with a ceremony and a set of “Kachina” dolls.. There are some missing links (and missing dolls) in my family tree which point possibly to some relation, but I will never know … as my mother was born out of wedlock, in the state Arizona, in 1923… and there is no one  left to tell any tales. So the ‘Kachina dolls’ became my initial inspiration to create these custom and personalised ‘Art Dolls’. My custom creations start at 475€ and up for a single character, multi media, one – piece soft sculpture 18″ Art Doll.  My work, is currently on display at the Uke Boutique in Amsterdam and  I am available for custom contracts by appointment. There is a 50% deposit and design consult with 6 weeks estimated delivery time per character ‘Art Doll’. Crazy Orphelia makes other smaller, more affordable and even softer creatures starting at €45.