Yesterday’s Purple Crayon Adventures!

Yesterday’s Purple Crayon Adventures!

Had a relaxed day off yesterday and did an internet study on artform branded as ‘Zantangle’..

IT seems there is a name for everything including ‘Conscious Doodling’ LOL! that’s what I call it..

(But in B&W is called something called Zantangle)..



I actually find that a book I used years ago taught the foundations for this branded artform. just saying

Generally, I have always made a lot of black and white line drawings, but now with the computer I can take my simple line drawings to a new level and bring the Purple Crayon to life… In a past life I was central visual artist for a department chain in south florida so I am in love with printing and graphics.. I want to have these Purple Crayon designs for limited Ukulele  t-Shirts that we hand print, and seel in my Ukulele store in Amsterdam

I have (Silk -screens and means and the artwork is piling up.. but still need the cash to pay for the shirts, inks, hinges and burning the said screens..)

My goal is by the end of the summer having some made..PURPLEOWL1 B&WOWL1 PCGATTHEBEACHUKE1 A&WATTHEBEACHUKE1



Even just some small block printing ATCO’s



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