Welcome to Crazy Orphelia’s artwork. I specialize in the textile arts and illustration and painting.
Check out my artworks below:

  • Artist Trading Cards
  • Feltnutz Headz Charicatures
  • Katchina Dolls
  • Painted Ukuleles for Peace

If you’re interested in a particular artwork you can refer to my pricelist and contact me via the contact form.



Artist Trading Cards




Feltnutz Headz Characatures

The Feltnutz Headz are a series of charactures I create. You can order a custom doll that will be hand-crafted. There are 4 kind of Feltnutz: the Crazy Tiki, The Egg heads and the…
Crazy Orphelia loves felting and making silly things. The Feltnutz make the world a little happier.

My custom Feltnutz Headz start at €45.

Come visit me, at the Uke Boutique where I continue to make my magical creatures, all of them are now learning to play Ukulele… Stay tuned as new creations to be on show and now for sale!



Katchina Dolls

I am sometimes asked where my inspiration for my art dolls come from?
Well here it is, my Grandmother was a friend to the Hopi Native American tribe,
and when she died they commemorated her with a ceremony and a set of “Kachina” dolls..

So the ‘Kachina dolls’ became my initial inspiration to create these custom and personalised ‘Art Dolls’.

My custom creations start at €475 and up for a single standup character, mixed media, one – piecesoft sculpture 18″ Art Doll.

My work, is currently on display at the Uke Boutique in Amsterdam and I am available for custom contracts by appointment.

There is a 50% deposit and design consult with 6 weeks estimated delivery time per character ‘Art Doll’.

More info about Katchina dolls:


Painted Ukuleles for Peace

New for 2018 Painted Ukuleles 4 Peace project to raise funds for ¨UkeStock¨  an International/ inter-generational Ukulele Orchestra 4 Peace.

Stay tuned…


For artists that want to participate on the Ukuleles for Peace project:

Hi everyone! I am still looking for participating artists to paint a “Ukulele 4 Peace”to have on show / sale at The Uke Boutique/ Crazy Orphelia’s Arts Emporium and the up coming UkeStock Event, and Open Ateliers Jordaan. I invite you all to come by the shop at Lijnbaansgracht 191 to pick up a ukulele and discuss the project further..

I have space for at least 12, and I have only 4 that I have done myself.. Come have a look at mine, and I can give you more details. I would very much like to have as many OAJ artists as possible for my UkeStock Event in 2018 where all oPainted Ukuleles 4 Peace will be on display.

Would be a great time to promote the OAJ event and to give inspiration to my” P4P” project. so I much look forward to participation.
Please excuse my lack of speaking and writing in Dutch.