Crazy Orphelia’s Arts Emporium  Is now a creative space, workshop venue, & gallery, located in the Artsy Jordaan neighbourhood of central Amsterdam. Here you can delight with can do music and arts s programming, and maybe hear or play some Ukulele with members of the Ukulele Orchestra if Amsterdam!  There is even a cafe next door!

Venue: All happenings at the Uke Boutique.   Amsterdam’s Ukulele School meets at Lijnbaansgracht 191BG and is also connected and affiliated to the Antiekcentrum, gallery and showroom. The Uke Boutique also sponsors the Ukulele Club of Amsterdam which meets for free weekly since 2011 and have an established 1300+ member international online club.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam is a community ‘Arts4Lifestyle’ musical ensemble,

Directed by Candace Bloom AKA Crazy Orphelia, with membership based on weekly club attendance and UOA music subscription (Members) holders here in Amsterdam.

Ukulele Beginnings has been holding classes at the Uke Boutique since 2011 and has continuous enrolment programming for Absolute beginners  to advanced players.

tuneitordiemusic publications: There are now many exclusive educational and ensemble publications available only at the boutique. With each lesson or Ukulele sale these publications are included in the sale to suit the customer and support the Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam Club members who wish to support the Arts4Lifestyle programs can purchase any of the 12 official UOA scores and attend a UOA Thursday Next Level instructional group class held at The Arts Emporium/ Uke Boutique..

At the Emporium, There you can purchase many handmade in Amsterdam creations by Crazy Orphelia, and some of her friends. You may now commission your very own custom Kachina Characature from Orphelia herself starting at €475.

In the midst of brand name ukuleles and the UkeBoutique’s very own Ukalicious Brand ukulele accessories.  the Arts Emporium is beginning to happen. An ongoing art show, music studio and Boutique music store.  For the past 4 years A continual flow of international artists & musicians bearing magical gifts, exciting workshops, wares, and one of a kind artistic experiences.

Coming soon: Stay tuned.. 


Wednesday Arts Taster

Camp Uke / Purple Crayon Adventures

Painted Ukuleles 4 Peace, Felt Nutz, & Artist Trading Cards

Always looking to collaborate with local & international artists for new projects, just stop by and say hello or send a message.